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When you create an account for this website or you log in with direct mobohut account your personal information doesn’t share with third party & not use for other purposes without your permission. In case of log in by social accounts (Facebook), we don’t get any information from your postings, contacts or other personal information except email or name.
In the panel of old devices user information is kept confidential and we take legal actions for wronged persons or the persons who generate threats to others.
In mobohut’s classified ads panel, this website is not responsible for any conflicts in selling or purchasing or inconvenience and problems in your devices.
You should know that we store the data about your visits and views for our statistical purpose. We store that data for our website marketing, device views.
Cookie Policy
A cookie is a small tiny file that a website asks your browser to store it on your computer. This file is stored to check user proceedings and preferences on this website over the time.
If you don’t want these cookies to store on your computer, you can prevent the request generate by this website or you can delete these files or you can also prevent your browser to store it.
Mobohut use these cookies to identify you as a returning user and to count, how many times a user visit this website. Use to suggest you devices that you have searched last.
To remember how many pages you view or what device you like or what you comment.
We use these cookies for our traffic & statistical investigation.
Turning the cookies on from is not harshly necessary for website but it gives you a better experience of browsing whenever you visit our website again.
Information related to these cookies doesn’t use any personal identification and other data is fully in control of this website. These cookies are not used for any purpose except of up stated.
We use a popular analytics service named as Google Analytics, this service use cookies to help us that how many users are using our website. It counts the number of users and their behavior on our website.
This website can make changes in this policy at any time without informing user.