1. Why choose Mobohut?

    There are some reasons of choosing www.mobohut.com except of other sites,
    • Ease of Access
    • Accurate Data
    • Accurate Price
    • User Friendly Environment
    • Information About the Device Availability in Market
    • Used and New Devices at one Place
  2. Do we sale mobile or other devices?

    No, we dont sale mobiles or other devices. Our duty is to provide accurate information and price of the device you searched or you may like. It is our duty to guide you for the best. We also offer a classified ads panel, where you can sale your old devices (Phones, Tablets, Cameras, Laptops) to others just by posting a simple ad or you can purchase what you want.
  3. Do you repair phones or other devices?

    No, we dont repair phones or other devices. If you want to repair your device, you should visit customer care center or you can also visit your nearest repairing market.
  4. Where can I buy a device?

    Before buying any device, you should have to check the availability of the device in market. You can check it from the specification page of the device which you want to buy or you can check device in Used / Classified ads section. If the device is available in the market, then you can get it from your nearest market or you can Contact the Seller who posted the Ad.
  5. Why information is not correct?

    The information that we provide on www.mobohut.com is taken from the brand manufacturers. Our information may mismatch with other sites that also provide the specifications because we have our own standard of placing information or it is possible that human errors may occur.
  6. What is currency exchanger?

    Currency exchanger is for those users who wants the price of the device in other currency. Default currency is PKR. Currency exchanger can convert the price in other currency that user wants.